SmartWhois 5.1.294 !{Latest} With Crack

SmartWhois 5.1.294 !{Latest} With Crack

SmartWhois is a convenient means of obtaining all available information about any IP address, computer name or domain, including country, state or province, city, provider company name, administrator name and contact information of the technical support service.

The program helps to find answers to some important questions:
• Who owns the domain?
• When was the domain registered?
• What is the contact information for the domain owner?
• Who owns this block of IP addresses?
• The program will accurately select the right database from more than 100 databases around the world and provide the most detailed results within a few seconds. SmartWhois supports IDN domains, and you can make requests for domains whose names contain symbols of the national alphabets (such as German umlauts or French gravis), or they consist entirely of Chinese, Hebrew, Russian and other symbols. In addition, SmartWhois supports working with IPv6 addresses.

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• Intelligent work: the program always polls only the required database; you do not need to waste time polling all the databases.
• Integration with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook. Quick search for the domain owner and IP-addresses in the headers of e-mail messages.
• Saving results in the archive: you can create your own database, which you can view without connecting to the Internet.
• Download and process IP address lists or domains.
• Caching the results.
• Match names and IP addresses, cache DNS queries.
• Integration with the CommView network monitor: SmartWhois can be called from the CommView for quick information retrieval.
• Call SmartWhois from your application directly. Refer to the SmartWhois FAQ section.
• Mask requests.
• Whois console for building special queries.
• Country codes for reference.
• Customizable interface.
• Support work through the firewall SOCKS5.

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Who needs SmartWhois:
• Everyone who uses the standard Whois utility: SmartWhois will save a lot of time and do what the standard Whois utilities can not do.
• People who hate spam and want to find out the source of suspicious e-mails: review the email headers and set the true sender! You can also send an e-mail message to the network administrator with a single mouse click.
• Webmasters who want to learn more about the log files and can not determine many IP addresses.
• Authors of Shareware-programs who need to know where the order actually came from.
• People who want to establish the source of a suspicious e-mail message by its headers.

SmartWhois 5.1.294 !{Latest} With Crack

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