Sony Catalyst Production Suite Multilingual !{Latest}

Sony Catalyst Production Suite Multilingual !{Latest}

Software Sony Catalyst Production Suite is a tool for creating and editing video files. The solution includes three products: Catalyst Browse, Catalyst Prepare and Catalyst Edit.

Using the Catalyst Production Suite tools, you can transfer content from the camera to the postprocessing and prepare it for editing using organizational tools, color adjustment and monitoring functions, and tools for working with metadata.

In addition, when working with Catalyst Production Suite in Windows, you can take full advantage of the modern touch interface.

Sony Catalyst Browse – a powerful cross-platform tool for creating videos from the latest Sony camera material. The solution allows you to view and edit metadata, view video using the original color space or with color filters.

The selected video can be copied to a local hard disk, downloaded to Sony Media Cloud Services Ci, transcoded into various formats and much more.

Sony Catalyst PrepareIs an application for managing and creating media content that allows professional users to effectively transfer it from their cameras and be sure that the data is reliably reserved.

Sony Catalyst Prepare supports various cameras, including Sony, Canon and GoPro, and offers a set of preparatory tools that fill the gap between receiving and editing content.

The solution provides detailed information for each clip, focus check, entry and exit point marking, non-destructive color adjustment, storyboarding and metadata editing.

The program also offers the use of the storyboard editor for ordering and editing the pre-editing with subsequent rendering of the storyboard and exporting it to various non-linear editing systems.

Sony Catalyst Edit is an efficient and convenient editing environment that makes everything fast, easy to understand and simple.

With the support of 4K and Sony RAW formats, the user has the opportunity to fully enjoy the wide dynamic range, a variety of colors and the highest resolution of his camera.

Flexible timeline allows you to mount files formats 4K, XAVC and Sony RAW with the same ease as HD files. A structured workflow Catalyst Edit for working with multi-channel audio simplifies the installation of sound.

Integration with Catalyst Prepare allows you to mount quickly and efficiently, using fast video downloads.

OS: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 – 64-bit operating system.

You can download Sony Catalyst Production from the link below…

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