System Monitor II Multilingual !{Latest}

System Monitor II Multilingual !{Latest}

Do you want to see your computer’s workload and other useful data in real time? Of course, many may think that it is much easier to press all the known keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + DEL. However, if you want all the useful information to be displayed on your desktop, you want to always be aware of all the important parameters of the computer, then you should try to download System Monitor from our site in full news. You will get quite a decent gadget for your Windows 7 desktop, which will always hang in the corner you need and be happy to show the system settings.

System Monitor works easily with multi-core processors and for each of them can show the percentage of core usage, you can also view data on memory usage (you can find out the size of the paging file, physical load, and so on), all this is displayed in a convenient form. The gadget will also display all the available cores in the system and their temperature, you can view the memory usage history, for this you really need to have CoreTemp running in the background.

The developers thought about the users who want to increase the size of the gadget in order to better see all its capabilities and the data it shows, so in System Monitor it is quite easy to do, you just have to find it in the display settings and you can edit the parameters there percent format. You can customize the appearance of the development in detail, change the color of the display, the color of various parameters, and so on, unless of course you are not satisfied with the standard color scheme. System Monitor saves all settings to a file, it is created at the address “Path:% APPDATA% Filename: gadgetname_Settings.ini”.

If you wish, you can hide the main window of the gadget, if you suddenly become a place on the desktop, then deploy it later is not difficult.

System Monitor II works fine on a 64-bit system, you can use both on Vista and Seven and Windows Server 2008. An indispensable tool if you need to know the load on processors and RAM, get additional useful information and always be aware of what is happening. That’s all that I wanted to tell you, I hope that the program will be interesting to you, if anything, we write off in the comments about this, I wish you a good day.


License : FreeWare
Language : Multi + Russian
Size : 431 KB
OS : Windows

You can download System Monitor II from the link below…

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