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USB File Resc Final Portable


USB File Resc Final Portable | 0.3 Mb

USB File Resc is a small pocket program freeware that is used to remove and disinfect USB Extracted Disks (Pendrive) infected with shortcut viruses, recyclers and other types of malware. Not only does it disinfect your removable disk, it also disinfects your computer and stops those bad processes that generate shortcuts again. You do not need to know programming, nor codes to disinfect your equipment, with a few clicks, the program does everything.

What types of virus Removes USB File Resc?
Each time USB File Resc becomes more powerful, in each version we are adding new types of viruses. Here is the list of all viruses with USB File Rescue account
1.- 18356update.vbs 59656update.vbs 43312update.vbs 70692update.vbs 99357update.vbs 18356update.vbs 99357update.vbs 99357update.vbs 35566update.vbs 45141update.vbs 40263update.vbs
2.- Removable Disk (1gb) Removable Disk (2gb) Removable Disk (4gb) Removable Disk (8gb) Removable Disk (16gb) Removable Disk (32gb)
3.- Drive.bat y 1.bat
4.- AntiUsbShortCut AntiUSB AntiUSB.exe AntiShortCut AntiWorm AutoIt3.exe My Pictures My Videos My Documents
5.- Ejecutables, New Folder.exe. *.exe.


USB File Resc Final Portable {Latest}

You can download USB File Resc from the link below…

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