USB Safely Remove Multilingual !{Latest}

USB Safely Remove Multilingual !{Latest}

USB Safely Remove is a great way to automate work with your devices. It allows you to assign startup programs when connecting or disconnecting devices,

and also has a powerful command line in the kit. For those who mainly work with the keyboard,

USB Safely Remove provides the ability to stop devices or view their contents with a “hot key”. And most importantly, the unique technology allows USB Safely Remove to accurately determine what prevents the device from stopping and easily eliminating the cause.

What gives USB Safely Remove in comparison with the built-in Windows function:

  • Ability to remove unnecessary devices from the stop menu
  • Correct device names + rename
  • Hot keys to disconnect devices
  • A convenient menu for disconnecting in just one click
  • Autorun programs when connecting / disconnecting
  • Forced device stop
USB Safely Remove
  • Secure extraction in one click. Simply move the mouse cursor to the icon in the system tray, and a convenient and beautiful menu for stopping devices will appear; One click on the device and it is safely removed! Pay attention to clear device names; USB Safely Remove determines the true device names. This allows you to turn off exactly the device you need!
  • “The device can not be stopped right now.” When the device can not be stopped, USB Safely Remove shows which programs or processes blocked it. And also, you can close these processes with one click.
  • Get rid of excess. Now you can control the devices directly from the menu! Just right click on the device and you can open the Exlorer with its contents, remove it from the menu, or rename it
  • Adore the keyboard. Use the hotkey (Win + S by default) to display the stop menu, and then work with the devices using the keyboard. Moreover, you can turn on the option “Stop immediatelly”, and the program will stop your device if there are no other connected visible devices.
  • Device properties. Here you can change the name of the device, load an image for it, or assign a hotkey.
  • Extract beautifully. For the device, you can assign one of the wonderful standard icons or upload your own image (JPG, PNG, BMP, ICO and other formats are supported).
  • You are unique. Therefore, USB Safely Remove allows you to change many aspects of its behavior so that you can adapt the program to your taste. For example, you can force the program to hide the icon from the system tray when there are no devices in the menu.
  • Can not find your device? Open the main form. Just drag the device from the “Hidden” section to “Displayed” so that you can again work with it from the stop menu.
  • Mired in the routine? Automate! USB Safely Remove has a powerful command line that allows you to watch devices, disconnect, watch who prevents them from disabling. For example, you can use the command line to automatically disconnect devices encrypted with True Crypt.
  • Abundance of new icons. We completed our set of device icons with a lot of wonderful icons.

Changes in version 6.0:

  • In this version, we corrected some minor errors, and also greatly improved the forcing stop of the devices. Now the forced stop will unlock the external drive in all cases when the previous version could not cope: locking the svchost disk, an NTFS error (the so-called problem of $ Extend \ $ RmMetadata \ $ TxfLog), when the disk is blocked by any system program such as antivirus, e.

Changes in version 6.1:

  • Improvements
    • Sound notification is now being played after the device stop in Windows 10 (as the native safe removal does)
    • Improved device context menu for better usability
    • Language strings improvements
    • “Unable to stop \ return” dialogs now display button on the TaskBar (you can now switch to it with Alt + Tab)
  • Bug fixes
    • The program stopped to display buttons on the TaskBar after closing of its main window
    • Some devices may disappear forever after their stop
    • Assistant service was not installed when you reinstall the program to a folder different from the previous installation
    • It was impossible to eject a card reader’s card without a drive letter assigned (for example when there’s only a folder mount point)
    • DPC latency was constantly spiking when the program was running (it could prevent audio / video rendering software normal work)
    • A senseless message about inability to restore some drive letters could be displayed on the program uninstall
    • The “Unable to return device” dialog may not show in some cases

Version Features:

  • Type: installation
  • Languages: multi, there is Russian, Ukrainian
  • Treatment: free
  • Cut: Help in English
  • Optional: picking up settings from USBSafelyRemoveSettings.opt

Command line switches:

  • Quiet installation of the Russian version: / S / RU
  • Silent installation of the English version: / S / EN
  • Silent installation of the Ukrainian version: / S / UA
  • Do not create a shortcut on the desktop: / ND
  • Do not create a shortcut in the Start menu: / NS
  • Selecting the installation location: / D = PATH The
    key / D = PATH should be specified as the latest
    For example: USB.Safely.Remove.v6.1.2.1270.exe / S / RU / D = C: \ MyProgram

Note: the developers are big sneaks, so do not be surprised if Kaspersky will delete the assembly file without warning.


Developer : Crystal Rich Ltd
License : ShareWare
Language : Multi + Russian
Size : 5 MB
OS : Windows

You can download USB Safely Remove from the link below…

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