Vitrola Radio Automation Recorder With Crack


Vitrola Radio Automation Recorder With Crack

Automate your broadcaster with Vitrola . This software will give you agility, lightness and stability to your broadcaster’s studio; be it AM/FM, webRadio or Internal Radio (shopping, subway, supermarket).

Key Features:

Music : tracks, vignettes (sequential and buttons), total control of your collection entries and super fast access.

Commercials : Block Control (Commercials), Rotation of Commercials in the same register, Witness Control integrated with Commercials or independent, feature Shuffle list of commercials.

BG Control : commemorative dates, irradiation vouchers, texts, most performed list, daily history, reminders, report generation, user control, built-in WEB browser, Calls, Blocks Satellite Triggering, Internal Chat, Listeners Control for Music requests and sweepstakes, Weather (using the help of Channel Weather) and much more.

Operation Mode : manual, semi-automatic or automatic. Works in Network, control for Web Radios via FTP.

“Launch” feature : register your songs in the database in Release mode and they will be available as Release for the time you set.

Stamp : stamping your songs on Vitrola is very easy and stamping is not destructive.

And it still has a great innovation for Internal Radios: Auto Volume feature, to control the Level at a certain daily time. Smart crossfade by triggering the vignette buttons.

Vitrola Radio Automation Recorder With Crack

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