Top 5 Best Free Wifi Hack Software

Top 5 Best Free Wifi Hack Software 

With the need for continuous access to the network today, the search for free wifi locations is always interested.

Therefore, in this article, we will introduce you to the wifi hack software as well as the top 5 best wifi hacking software today. Invite you to follow along!

What is wifi hacking software?

Wifi hack software is a software that allows users to access any wifi network without a password. Therefore, these software are very much interested.

As we all know, Pentest security and security analysis is an integral part of creating any kind of secure network.

To create a secure network, developers have used wifi hacking software to test the wireless network and make modifications if something goes wrong.

Top 5 best wifi hacking software today

Before we start, we should note that, trying to forge other people’s wireless or Ethernet networks without their permission is illegal.

However, this list is prepared for educational purposes. You can fully test these software on the device you own.

1. AirCrack

This name must be familiar to programmers. This is one of the popular wifi hacking software today. This tool is written in C language, combined with many tools to access wifi security features.

In AirCrack, there are tools used to attack, monitor, evaluate security and crack networks. In particular, after getting enough data packets, you can easily crack 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys with AirCrack software.

At the same time, you can also perform standard FMS attacks. Attack KoreK and attack new PTW to attack faster and more efficiently.

In addition, AirCrack is a cross-platform tool, using a deviant interface, compatible with Linux, Windows, OS X and BSD.

2. Reaver

If you know the true power of wifi security. You will be able to take some practical steps to make it safer. This is the purpose of hacking wifi Reaver software.

Reaver is an open source software and searches for free wifi passwords. It can crack most passwords of existing routers.

With Brute force attack for WPS pin and receive WPA / WPA2 passwords again. At the same time, it can also recover plain text passwords within 4 – 10 hours. Especially in real-life situations, you may get even faster results.

In addition, Reaver can be installed on Linux distributions. This tool is also preinstalled in many hack distributions, including Kali Linux.

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3. Cain and Abel

If you are looking for a hacked wifi software for Windows operating system,then Cain and Abel is definitely a great choice for you.

This tool helps recover passwords using different methods such as blocking packets. Perform brute force attacks, dictionary attack and encryption.

A special feature of this wifi hack software is that you can record VolP conversations. Solving encrypted passwords, retrieving stored data and keeping routing protocols for hacking purposes is not a violation of the law.

In addition, one of the new features is added to this useful tool. That is ARP support to block attacks on switching LANs and MITM attacks.

4. Infernal Twin

This is an automated tool used to assess Pentest wireless security. You can use it to automatically attack Evil Twin. At the same time, create a fake wifi access point to steal wireless communications packets.

Using infernal twinm, you can eavesdrop on users using Phishing attacks (ie phishing systems to steal sensitive information) and perform man-in-the-middle attacks. to target predefined users.

With Infernal Twin wifi hacking software, you can perform WPA2 / WEP / WPA security. Wireless social engineering, automatic reporting, …

This tool is licensed under GPLV3 standard. Written in Python programming language, compatible with Linux distributions.

5. Wireshark

It is not too much to say that Wireshark is the most popular network protocol analysis tool on the Internet today.

Although this software does not directly help users recover passwords in plain text, it helps you steal packets with the best possible way.

A special feature of this wifi hack software is the ability to check hundreds of protocols. And give the best results using offline analysis and online data retrieval.

Not only that, Wireshark can also collect data directly from Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, Token Ring, FDDI applications, etc.

In addition, Wireshark is also available for all major platforms including Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris, BSD, …

Above are the information about wifi hacking software and top 5 best wifi hacking software that you can refer to.

If you still have questions, please contact us immediately for the best support. In addition, you are in need of using Wifi or Repeater Wifi devices .

Please contact Quang Minhimmediately to choose to buy yourself the best quality products!

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