Win7 PE Super Lite (50MB) USB Edition – Fire Superfast Computer! | ArmaanPC

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3 Responses

  1. voychamoy says:

    he we can’t download this !!! :/

  2. jacobstaly says:

    Hey Armaan, I have been using this image for over a year now and I still love it. Possibly your best work, as everything functions great, it always boots up (on any computer), and it’s completely configurable (and compatible with WinPE video Drivers). I have a 112mb USB that I use with this and a full copy NirLauncher, Sysinternals, drivers, media players, norton ghost, etc. Everyone thinks it’s a 112GB USB until they take a closer look at it… haha 😉

  3. Mircea says:

    this ISO is fiting on a cd-r thats amazing and its ok

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