Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC x64 {Latest}

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC

The picture above is the login account of Win IoT LTSC

v1909. Microsoft’s Win v1909 versions have the Reserved storage feature enabled by default.

However, I turned off this feature in Win IoT LTSC v1909 to get back 7GB hard disk.

Compare the new installation size of 3 Win

The LTSC and IoT versions didn’t have Net 3.5 enabled by default, so I had to activate Net 3.5, which can be clearly seen because the Win IoT LTSC v1909 version does not have Bloatware, Store, Xbox, Cortana, OneDrive and Microsoft Edge like the win version. LTSC v1809 owner should install Win smaller than IoT v1909 to more than 1.6GB.

After installing the full driver chipset, VGA, DirectX, Visual C ++, Office 2019 and the software for the Win IoT LTSC v1909 version as in the Hybrid IoT LTSC version, the hard disk capacity of the Win IoT LTSC v1909 version takes up 14.8GB.

Install the full chipset driver, VGA 2019 Office driver and the soft copy of Hybrid IoT LTSC. Boot time from the time the Mainboard logo screen appears to the time when entering Windows for IoT version LTSC v1909 is 37s (tested on HDD)

Compare Start Menu and Taskbar of 3 Win

Start Menu IoT LTSC because there is no Bloatware ….. should look very neat like 99.99% compared to the official LTSC v1809 win, and the Taskbar is 100% similar and has no Show Cortana button , while in IoT version v1909 has the option Show Cortana button.

In the Settings section of the old version still has the Cortana icon , but with the new LTSC IoT version there is no Cortana icon . Therefore, the Setting part of the IoT LTSC version is exactly the same as the LTSC v1809 version.

In the new IoT LTSC version in This PC, I added the caption (the horizontal line of the Model) to make it easy to see right away that this is the FULL version (in the old version without this comment).

However, there is still an activation tool in the @ctive folder on drive C. Rest assured this is a command-line activation tool, so it will not be notified by virus scanning programs and this tool will activate Office. 2019/2016/2010 always.

I deliberately did not update manually to default win from yesterday until now and it seems that the non automatic update section of IoT LTSC works very well.

To use this Windows file, there are 2 ways:

Method 1: Just copy the iso file into USB with WinPE 6410 because Win10 only supports SSD NVMe), after booting into WinPE, right-click on the iso file to Mount the iso file into a virtual drive, then go to that virtual drive double-click the setup fileand then proceed to install Windows normally.

Method 2: Use Rufus software to create a USB to install Windows. Remember to copy all files and folders from the IoT LTSC v1909 iso file to USB.

File iso Win IoT LTSC v1909 is compatible with both Legacy_MBR and UEFI_GPT standards.

Note that I only recommend the above two methods to be 100% sure that it will succeed because I have tested on my PC dozens of times already, but if anyone installs in any other way, if not, don’t wonder I will. No answer.

You can download Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC from the link below…

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