Windows 10 Enterprise 20H2 x64 for Games

  • Made from the original Microsoft installer, no Windows modding, no tweaking or deep intervention on the system to make Windows run smoother.
  • After installation is ready to use immediately, no need to install other supporting software such as Visual C ++, Winrar, 7-zip or .Net Framework … because it is all installed, just install your software. is done.
  • Supports both Legacy (MBR) and UEFI (GPT) standards.
  • Windows automatically activated copyright
  • Additional Note: Please check the SHA-1 code carefully, whether it matches the code of the installation file that I posted under the Download section or not?
  • If correct, install normally, otherwise, if wrong, delete the installer you downloaded, then download and check SHA-1 again until it’s correct (required).
Features Added and Removed:
  • Add Attrib: show files & folders hidden by virus (add right-click menu)
  • Add Command Prompt as Administrator: press Shift + Right click
  • Add Hash: used to check SHA-1, MD5 and some other common codes (add right-click menu)
  • Turn off Online and Video tricks in Settings
  • Turn off Overlay icon: turn off the blue arrow mark on the folder
  • Turn off Telemetry and Microsoft’s data collection related services.
  • Block ad suggestions, tips, in Windows
  • Block automatic installation of unwanted applications
  • Turn off automatic machine maintenance
  • Turn off Timeline
  • Uninstall Microsoft Edge browser
  • Permanently delete Windows Defender
  • Activate Windows Photo Viewer photo view
  • Removes more default Windows apps
  • Many new improvements.

You can download Windows 10 Enterprise from the link below…

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