Windows 10 Hello Summer Full Soft & Full Drivers (ISO+Ghost) by ThienIT

Windows 10 Hello Summer

Hi guys, after a very long time I did not work as a ghost, set up Windows because of business needs. Now I have arranged the time to return to make you the ghosts, setup of all Windows operating systems to serve to rescue your computer when the error. 

With fast criteria – smooth – beautiful – lightweight, good compatibility with graphic design people, printing offices, gamers plowing day and night. Let’s experience it and download this Windows 10 Hello Summer 2019 installer & ghost now.

—————————————– ——— 
—————————– ———————

MD5 Checksum
———————————————— —- 

File: Windows10_HelloSummer2019x64_Legacy.GHO
CRC-32: 8f18b79f
MD4: f7fd8d481252699aaea6d26e55bbbc44
MD5: 01c3f501b5645efdf9cad263d7cc2684
SHA-1: f628c9ea547f99d84dc5a4f3c54d294cca204fce

File: Windows10_HelloSummer2019x64_Legacy.TBI
CRC-32: 377902cd
MD4: 9d9aace03bf09e4f22907737dc81406d
MD5: 65f8ff8a48f0e61ec52e1988348a427d
SHA-1: d88d2a2c0a57251552ffcb7b7af467593a025366

File: Windows10_HelloSummer2019x64_Legacy_EFI.iso
CRC-32: 6d9ae18f
MD4: e46dd326ca06abf47a8271285adee995
MD5: 5d13a5a679beea5a184bc168b7bafc2f
SHA-1: 5388158588ec3788e6db15bf553acca07c58b05a

File: Windows10_HelloSummer2019x86_Legacy.GHO
CRC-32: f1f008db
MD4: 6a4449a5b414ab64148ab2df187c90fd
MD5: 491f6123582fe4104c5d59a145cdb7b5
SHA-1: 97df4f059338535ea600e8c71b84f3152f2dbce8

File: Windows10_HelloSummer2019x86_Legacy.iso
CRC-32: 07416c7f
MD4: 36a4c282a6a0bc3fa0ff8c1e6ca56fec
MD5 : 1e9e58d94a41dd061186db8f6ecb5fc3
SHA-1: ef34df8a9bf1c2da56fdddb140f66a47b54eb190

File: Windows10_HelloSummer2019x86_Legacy.TBI
CRC-32: d8e5efae
MD4: c461c2cfcdf553d69232c80b7308671d
MD5: b4970063931699bf2ce0e5fc0cd2c64b
SHA-1: 11916951021225b6b0f201a2927ba1bd41b85388
————————— ————————- 

* Notice: 
The 64-bit version of the ISO installer can be installed in two formats, Legacy and UEFI (Don’t you can use UltraISO software to Mount the virtual drive installed Win directly on the operating system as well as uncompressed running File setup.exe) – If you do not have a USB or DVD to burn the installer can use WinToHDD software to install safely and quickly.

* System Infomation

  • Made from the original Windows 10 Professional installer from Microsoft does not omit (Lite) any component of Windows to create the best stability for users.

  • Do not personalize any component of the system.

  • Be configured and packaged with extremely clean Windows autoresponder file.

  • Retain the initial setup process (OOBE) so that users can personalize their PC according to their MS or Local account

  • Activated auto-activation mode with any computer that is fully licensed Windows 10 Pro algorithm before, when installed, it is always licensed without activation

  • When installing the operating system, you can go to SETTING and select UPDATE & SECURITY at the purchase of WINDOWS UPDATE and select CHECK FOR UPDATE.

  • Integrate Microsoft’s April/2019 update

  • Full .NET Framework activation for Windows

  • Tweaking the boot process extremely fast, Application opening speed will almost no longer be delayed.

  • Add some features to customize the file in the Right

– click Menu – Full Office 2016 Pro Plus suite has not yet @ctive

  • Windows Media Player has been changed to look more beautiful and sophisticated.

  • Add thousands of popular fonts for office people and graphic designers

* Software: 

  • Adobe 32 (NPAPI – PPAPI)+ Adobe AIR + Adobe Shockwave Player 12.3 Full Update automatically when new version is available

  • Full Visual C ++ library from 2005 – 2017

  • Microsoft XNA Framwork Redistributable 4.0

  • CCleaner 5.55 @ctive to commercial version – System Cleaner system.

  • WinRAR 5.70 VN – Vietnamese popular file reader and

decoder – Unikey RC4.3 – Support for Vietnamese common typing

  • Internet Download Manager 6.32 @ctive to commercial version

  • Foxit Reader – Good PDF reader software most, most common.

  • K-Lite Codec Pack 14.7.5 Full – The software reads all video and audio formats easily

  • Revo Uninstaller Pro v4.0.5 has @ctive to the commercial version – The software to remove the application thoroughly

  • UltraISO v9.71 has been activated on the commercial version – Software for reading and creating virtual drives.

  • Teamviewer 14 ResetID – Software to control computers remotely.

  • Google Chrome browser 73.0.3683 – The most popular Web browser

  • AIDA64 Extreme – Tool to check and diagnose computer hardware errors


You can download Windows 10 Hello Summer from the link below…

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