Windows 10 Super Lite Edition X64 Hybrid IoT LTSB {Latest}

Windows 10 Super Lite Edition X64 Hybrid IoT LTSB {Latest}

After a lot of people reflected that the Hybrid IoT LTSB could not connect to the phone, I tested and searched on google a lot of instructions on how to fix it but I couldn’t help but finally decided to redo the Hybrid IoT LTSB version.

The cause of the old Hybrid IoT LTSB is not connected to the phone is because I have removed quite a lot of drivers, so in the new version, I have left almost all the important drivers as a result, the Hybrid IoT LTSB has connected the phone. delicious.

Here are some pictures of the latest LTSB x64 Hybrid. All pictures are taken when installed on a real PC (but not a virtual machine) with the following specific hardware configuration:

Core i5 3570K @ 4.5GHz CPU.
HDD Western Digital Black 1TB

The process of installing Hybrid IoT LTSB will be completely automatic without any declaration, automatically login to win with Administrator account .

Win automatically activates the digital license (digital license) permanently, but there is still an activation tool in the @ctive folder in drive C.

Rest assured this is a tool activated entirely by the command line so it will not be Virus scanners and tools enable both Office 2019/2016/2010.

So the installed capacity is 7.11GB (compared to the old version of IoT Hybrid LTSB is 6.94GB ), the new version I decided to keep a good screenshot tool or Snipping Tool (the old version has omitted this tool). In the new version of This PC, I have added a caption (the horizontal line of the Model ) to make it easy to see right away that this is the Hybrid version (in the old version without this comment).

After installing the full driver chipset, VGA, DirectX, Visual C ++, Office 2019 and the same software as in the old Hybrid IoT LTSB, the hard disk capacity of the new Hybrid IoT LTSB is only 12.5GB . Amazingly, the capacity to install full soft is exactly the same as the old Hybrid IoT LTSB.

The RAM when full soft for the new Hybrid IoT LTSB is also 0.9GB just like the old Hybrid IoT LTSB. That means the RAM of the Hybrid IoT LTSB is exactly the same as the LTSB Lite version.

Fully install the chipset driver, VGA driver of Office 2019 and the soft copy Lite LTSB. The booting time from the appearance of the Mainboard logo screen to the Windows on the new Hybrid IoT LTSB is 25 seconds (tested on the HDD), which is 2 seconds behind the Lite LTSB version .

Since this is a Windows Hybrid version, I omitted all the components that could be causing the disk 100% such as windows defender, action center, security center, system restore and telemetry. Because of such omission, Hybrid versions will not be able to update Windows.

Mostly in the new version, I focused on fixing phone support errors. So I just focused on reviewing this part only, reviewing in detail the features of the Hybrid IoT LTSB,
Test of Hybrid IoT LTSB supports iPhone phones using iOS

On the occasion of the New Year, I transformed the Windows Welcome screen into a WELCOME to JUMANJI

Test Hybrid IoT LTSB support Samsung phone using Android operating system.

I deleted all old Lite and Hybrid versions, leaving only this latest Hybrid. My suggestion is as follows:

* If you are using a Laptop with RAM of 4GB or more or weakly configured desktops or a PC with HDD then I recommend installing the Hybrid IoT LTSB x64 because it has the function to meet all needs Your needs range from entertainment (including heavy Offline gaming or light entertainment games installed via the Store app) to working just like the Full version and reusing just like the Lite x64 version.

Anybody who wants to use this Hybrid iso file to do multi-configuration Ghost is OK because the Sysprep tool in the Hybrid version is still intact and I have Test Sysprep run smoothly on peach branches.

Hybrid IoT LTSB does not have a 100% disk, even if installed on HDD and Superfetch by default, run Automatic.

Hybrid link down the IoT LTSB iso capacity 1.45GB supports both NVMe SSD 
Code MD5 : F8B5BD65EB2FD4E015CBA9DA1DC2B384.

You can download Windows 10 Super Lite Edition from the link below…

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