Windows 11 Pro Super Lite By LiteOS

Windows 11 Pro Super Lite By LiteOS

Download Windows 11 Pro SuperLite is the latest build of Windows 11 that is customized to remove Windows components to help Windows 11 work smoothly on low-end machines .

This Windows Build Make By “LiteOS” Coming with Alot Of Bug but Some Function is Work Fine Like :

Language Bar Switch Support
MultiLanguage Support
Net 3.5 – 4.8 Support
Regedit Tweaks
Ram Use : 700-1000 MB
ISO Size : 1.7GB

Removed Alot of thing even :

Notepad not have (go Download notepad++)
Paint not have (go with some Other Programs if u want to use)
Store (basic)
Bloatware (all)
Settings / Personalize (close but u can change background with rightclick > set as desktop background)
Updatable ? (NO)
Windows Search + Search in Taskbar? (Dead)
No Pre-Activated And Activate With CMD is not Working (Use 3rd Activate Software)
And More…


Date is also Buggy Not Open Sometimes, try to click on it few times or right click on it (But im testing is work fine)
Start Menu is Buggy Sometimes, Use Startisback Start Menu (i recommend to uninstall it, it can’t settings and it makes taskbar completely DEAD)

im not own this build btw. this build by.”LiteOS” on You….
I’m not responsible for any damages when you use my Windows Modifly.
This Windows Modifly is for advanced user only.
Recommend to Disable Internet Before Install

You can download Windows 11 Pro Super Lite from the link below…

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