Windows 7 Super Lite Edition X86 By Khatmau_sr Preacativated !{Latest} Size – 655 – MB


Windows 7 Super Lite Edition X86 By Khatmau_sr Preacativated !{Latest} Size – 655 – MB

Windows 7 Super Lite Edition x86  is the best Version based on the full version of Ultimate SP1 and the original Microsoft And files were deleted unimportant and unnecessary language packs them Version ships with all features in addition towards the well-known figure pictures que and fascinating themes.

Windows 7 Super Lite Edition x86 :
Original OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1
Version: 6.1 (Build 7601, Servicre Pack 1)
Language: English
Publisher: Microsoft
Author : Khatmau_sr
Size: 655 MB

Target users
– Machine weak (RAM & lt; 2GB), Pentium 4 or less
– Or for all types of machines, high-profile, run as fast.
– 3GB HDD usage after installation

What’s Removed
Language Packs
DVD Maker
ISO Burner
Windows Media Center
Windows Fax and Scan
XPS Viewer
Zip Folder
Extra Themes

Windows 7 Super Lite Edition X86 V.2017 By Khatmau_sr

Windows 7 Super Lite Edition X86 V.2017 By Khatmau_sr


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You can download Windows 7 Super Lite Edition from the link below…

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16 Responses

  1. jtrl2017 says:

    my computer says: 2 days until automatic activation., what can i do, can i have a key

  2. bunny says:

    it is not activated

  3. Carlos says:

    Why there`s part1 and part 2?

  4. sai teja reddy says:

    please provide activation key i is not activated

  5. satya hari says:

    how to make bootale pen drive…………..using thease 2 parts

  6. Dong says:

    product key please

  7. siraj munir memon says:

    How to download windows 7

  8. موقع التورنت لايعمل

  9. Chanee says:

    it says that it has to be activated over 30 days.

  10. Vishnu says:


  11. shine says:

    windows asks for activation anf crack si not downloading please help

  12. fohadbhai says:

    need activation after expired product key… other wise its super fast.

  13. Grey says:

    Great software. I had to update a few device drivers but otherwise it works perfectly on old PCs. I would like to change display language. I tried a few methods but it didn’t work. Is there a solution you guys would recommend to successfully import/install alternative language packs without enabling Windows Update? Thanks & Regards.

  14. John Dahlitso Munga says:

    Can I have the product sir otherwise your OS is good.

  15. stumiza says:

    please product key

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