Windows 10 Gold Edition [Español][Optimizado][x64][vs] Multilingual !{Latest}

Windows 10 Gold Edition [Español][Optimizado][x64][vs] Multilingual !{Latest}
Today I bring to all of you the fruit of a work oriented to speed, stability and privacy, focused on teams of all kinds! Work based on its predecessors Blue Edition & Lightning, Gold Edition is here to stay!

After much testing, testing and feedback from the community on YouTube, the result is Windows 10 Gold Edition.Windows 10 Gold Edition is a modification by Dr. Emuler of the official version of Windows 10 PRO 1803 RS4 of Apriland it contains unprecedented speed optimizations to the operating system in addition to being focused on the privacy of the user since it completely eliminates the functionalities and applications imposed by Microsoft that consumed our bandwidth and internet without our knowing it, in addition to slowing down the system.

Windows 10 Gold Edition requires only 3% of the capacity of the processor and barely 700 MB of RAM to operate, which makes it a very competitive option to use in our computers, unlike its predecessors,

this IS version is compatible with Android phones, iPhone, features and devices related to XBOX One, touch screens and all Windows drivers and functionality except those that are going to be mentioned in the list below.

Remember that this version was NOT tested at the production level nor is it designed for business environments, it was only tested in home and Gamming environments.



Classic task manager, does not consume resources and resources and is preferred by the majority in the community 

– Classic MSConfig does not consume resources and is preferred by the majority in the community, it also allows modifying the startup elements without going to the administrator of tasks. 

– Classical Calculator, does not consume resources and is preferred by the majority in the community, eliminating the Metro calculator. – 

Classical adhesive notes do not consume resources and are preferred by the majority in the community, eliminating subway notes

– Eliminated the telemetry that sent unauthorized reports, consumed internet and bandwidth and also slowed down the system. 

– Removed the apps integrated by the OEM and Microsoft (bloatware), leaving only the basic ones that we all know. 

– Eliminated Windows Defender, very annoying for all because it is annoying and inefficient, besides hindering the antivirus on many occasions. 

– Removed the security center application, but does not eliminate the security or the firewall. – 

Eliminated action center – 

Deleted Microsoft One Drive – Deleted 

Microsoft Edge – 

Portion disabled – 

Insights disabled – 

Windows Update disabled

– Classic

Pause – Classic Photo Viewer

-The USB does not automatically reproduce this to prevent infections 

-NET Framework 3.5 integrated for applications that require it 

-Function “Grant permissions” that facilitates the removal of malware or manipulation of system files. 

-Function “Grant or block access to the Internet” that facilitates removing or allowing access to the Internet of an app through the Windows firewall, but with a single click, without taking steps or having knowledge of the use of the firewall. – 

Improved speed 

– Unattended installation completely for clean installations (formatting) just select the disk where it will be installed and you forget everything until the operating system is ready. 

-Unattended upgrade, that is, you can upload to this wonderful version without deleting your things, it is only valid if you have a version of Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 Professional, if you do not have it look for how to upgrade to that version to enjoy this update without deleting your things.

3.2GB weight LINK ONE 1GB 200MB 

Password: krostyss 

use winrar version 5x 

You can download Windows 10 Gold Edition from the link below…

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