winPenPack – Collection of Portable Software for USB – HDD Box

winPenPack – Collection of Portable Software for USB – HDD Box

WinPenPack is a collection of free and open source software that has been modified to run from removable storage devices such as USB flash drives or external hard drives.

winPenPack is an open source software environment consisting of a number of mobile applications grouped in sets (mobile applications are applications modified to execute directly from a USB flash drive without the need for pre-installation. ).

With winPenPack, any USB flash drive ceases to be a simple data storage device and becomes a closed environment in which programs and files are unified.

The portable applications included in the winPenPack suite do not require any installation, do not leave their files or settings on the host computer,

and can be easily transferred to another computer via any external device. , such as removable hard drives or USB flash drives.

All you have to do is connect your USB flash drive to any of the free USB ports on your host computer and you’ll have an instant collection of ready-to-use,

pre-configured programs. grouped by categories and can be executed through a user – friendly menu interface similar to Start Menu,


winPenPack launcher . You will feel exactly as if you were working on your own PC, with web browser, e-mail client, drawing and image editor, chat application, multimedia tools,

PC maintenance and security tools, development and school tools, etc. Everything you need, always available.

You can download winPenPack from the link below…

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