WinReducer EX-100 (32 & 64-bit) + PopUp Remover

WinReducer EX-100 (32 & 64-bit) + PopUp Remover

WinReducer EX-100 provides a user with the means to completely customize the way Windows 10 is deployed on user computer and gain control over the default configuration settings of the operating system.

WinReducer EX-100 explores the functions of an original Windows 10 ISO, enabling a user to remove the ones do not need and add new options.

It then creates a new ISO or WIM image that user can use to install Windows having its configuration set as default.

Before using it, the user needs to be advised that the application mainly targets experienced users since the removal of important features can result in a non-functional deployment package.

Also, it is highly recommended to test the output ISO file in a virtual environment before installing it on the user PC.

Among the tweaks that WinReducer EX-100 integrates user can find appearance modifications, changes to features, service management, the removal of some built-in Metro UI apps, drivers, fonts, installed keyboards, themes and so on.

WinReducer EX-100 can apply modifications to the desktop context menu (by adding new items and removing existing ones), change the looks of the modern UI, add new cursors and background images, change images displayed during boot or the default theme, modify the taskbar’s position and the mouse sensitivity.

Aside from appearance customization, WinReducer EX-100 integrates several functionality tweaks. User can use it to have programs such as the .NET Framework 3.5 installed by default or remove built-in functions and apps such as Internet Explorer 11, as well as protect specific applications and important files to prevent tampering with their settings and file deletion.

WinReducer EX-100 enables a user to build a custom installation package for Windows 10, containing updates, applications, drivers, unattended files and specific settings.

Due to the complexity of this operation, advanced skills are required to obtain a functional ISO. Moreover, even experienced users are advised to take the time to analyze the effects of removing a specific Os function before eliminating it from the deployment package.

This version has been validated with:

  • Windows 10 1903 (RS6) (Update: 18362.86);
  • Windows 10 1809 (RS5) (Update: 17763.475);
  • Windows 10 1803 (RS4) (Update: 17134.753);
  • Windows 10 1607 LTSB (RS1) (Update: 14393.2941).
  • WinReducer EX-100 is compatible with ALL Windows running systems using Windows 10 ISO. This version has been validated with:
  • Customize own Windows 10 ISO in all operating system: Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1 or 10;
  • Customize Windows 10 (Integrate cursors, themes, wallpapers or change files to improve Windows 10 appearance);
  • Help Tips available for each component (and all components help tips could be translated in your language);
  • Integrate (Applications, Drivers, Net Framework 3.5, Unattended Files or Updates to your customized Windows 10 ISO);
  • Load Language Files (Translate WinReducer EX-100 in user language);
  • Load WinReducer GUI Theme (Improve WinReducer EX-100 Graphical User Interface);
  • Remove Windows Components (Choose to reduce and adapt Windows 10 to user needs);
  • Use WinReducer Custom Configuration File (Load or Save Presets files, also know as a wccf file, to restore or save user settings)
  • “All in One” ISO support with up to 55 Windows Editions;
  • No external software is provided in the zip package;
  • User need to carefully read the Tutorial page (bottom of this page);
  • If user need technical help, a user could consult the WinReducer Forum;
  • All “EX-100” builds support both Windows 10.0 (TH1, TH2, RS1, RS2, RS3, RS4, and RS5) x86 and x64;
  • Choose between up to 900 different combinations to Customize, Integrate or Reduce your personal Windows 10 System;
  • User need to test its ISO in a virtual machine, before installing it on a physical machine.

What is new (Released on September 13, 2019):

  • UPDATE: “German” Language to v3.67.1 by KrX and Markus Hauser (Forum Moderators)
  • UPDATE: “Português do Brasil” Language to v3.67 by Hélio (Forum User)
  • UPDATE: “Romanian” Language to v3.67 by ruby2hora (Forum User)
  • UPDATE: “Spanish” Language to v3.67 by Fiama (Forum User)

What is new in version (Released on September 09, 2019):

  • UPDATE: “English” to v3.67 (Add lines : 51, 52, 53, 54 and 55);
  • UPDATE: “English” to v3.67 (Modify line : 121);
  • UPDATE: “OPTIONS – Config” : Cosmetics improvements;
  • UPDATE: “Control Panel – Administrative Tools” : Cleanup improvements;
  • UPDATE: “Modern UI Apps – Microsoft Edge”: Cleanup improvements;
  • UPDATE: “Modern UI Apps – Office Hub”: Cleanup improvements;
  • UPDATE: “Network – Adobe Flash for Windows”: Remove it from the automatic protection list for “Modern UI Apps – Microsoft Edge”;
  • UPDATE: “Network – OneDrive” : Cleanup improvements;
  • UPDATE: “System – OOBE Configuration” : Add an option to delete the OOBE file (“WinReducerEX100PI.cmd”) after it completes its task.

What is new in version (Released on May 07, 2019):

  • UPDATE: “French” Language to v3.67 by Jpm (Forum User);
  • UPDATE: “German” Language to v3.67 by KrX and Markus Hauser (Forum Moderators);
  • UPDATE: “Spanish” Language to v3.66 by Fiama (Forum User);
  • FIX: “Modern UI Apps” : Error with Windows Start Menu.

What is new in version (Released on May 07, 2019):

  • UPDATE: “Russian” Language to v3.64.1 by Ducazen (Forum User);
  • FIX: “Updates Downloader” tool: Error with Windows RS6 Updates “Delete all Updates” functionality;
  • FIX: Third-Party sources: Error with various download links (WinReducer installation errors).

System requirements:
A genuine Windows 10 (x32 or x64) ISO;
ImageX and oscdimg;
Resource hacker;
Microsoft .NET 4.5.2.

Install notes:
1. Unzip and run;
2. To remove popups kindly read “notes.txt” file given in download zip file;
3. Enjoy!

Virus free! 100% clean!

File: WinReducer_PopupRemover.exe
Virus Total: 03/69
MD5: 24CBCBF95B53769AD9B2CD9D4077C9A1
SHA1: F60E1944FE2AB582C3167FD4E1D7AB32F2F7E832
SHA256: 3F44E06BA230E5AF40F524BA315FB1558E853015C48869D21C354E47E281B575File: WinReducer_PopupRemover.ahk
Virus Total: 00/58
MD5: E2A988BCA9BCFE8B4F36073C86F87FC9
SHA1: 1C989ABE6AB055A174E6B75BB3B50AB6CFB40C2F
SHA256: F450212E073CC8F9269AE7EA9DDB886BCDA8ACD9233AB4230752D0EFAC3CF19A

You can download WinReducer EX-100 from the link below…

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