WordPress Multilingual !{Latest}

WordPress Multilingual !{Latest}

All thought to publish WordPress on the site or not, but in the end I decided to cut down a little review. So, before you, according to the authors, the ideal platform for publication.

You can create your blog on the Internet, a professional-level site, just a small project, the platform is suitable for everything. Of the benefits, I would point out a free license, a huge number of templates, both ready and paid, a huge number of modules that will extend the basic functions.

I used to work with this engine and to be honest, after my beloved DLE, it was difficult to navigate, not familiar, not convenient, but this is all a matter of habit and taste, in general, then I adapted, but still this engine goes to me in second place after DLE.

Before you Russian version, screenshots in English, do not pay much attention to this, otherwise I know you, like to cling to all sorts of trivia.

I think I will not write the installation process for a long time, because if you understand what it is all about, then you probably should understand how it all works.

First you need to buy a domain and hosting, after you got access to FTP, you need to download WordPress and unpack the archive to the root of the site, before or after, as you prefer, you will need to create a database on your web server,

then you need to rename  wp -config-sample.php  file in  wp-config.php, the last one after opening with a text editor and enter the settings of the database about which I wrote above, then go to your domain. domain / wp-admin / install.php and go through a simple procedure installation.

This is as short as possible, and more details can be found on the Internet, even the video was shot and not one, so there simply shouldn’t be any problems with you.

Please note that before you is an original distribution with an external (no change in code) localization package, only two files have undergone a slight change, namely readme.html and wp-config-sample.php.

License : FreeWare – free 
Language : Russian version 
Size : 9 MB 

You can download WordPress from the link below…

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